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You communicate, we connect

Getting to know Clic2Buy


After two years of reflection on the evolution of the connected distribution, the idea emerged as a result of two observations.

The first came from the meeting of two distributors, Carrefour and Intermarché, totaling thousands of outlets. They told us not to be in capacity to accommodate the demands of brands who want to connect with their computer system. Thus, Clic2buy decides to meet the needs of retailers by becoming a trusted and neutral partner that centralises millions of data and feeds every day.


At the same time, the brands invest heavily in their product communication but do not indicate where it is possible to buy their products. Thanks to the data from its retail partners, Clic2buy has created a digital solution possible to be integrated to all communication media, which shows to the one who is looking for where and how to quickly and easily purchase the product. The user should be able to buy the product at the very moment when he looks it up on the page.



• Company foundation by two serial entrepreneurs, the marketing director (Guirec Tiberghien) and the data specialist (Franck Ibled), soon joined by their CTO, Guillaume Fraybin, himself an entrepreneur.

• Integration of the first cluster of Europe (Euratechnologie), Laureate Entrepreneur Network & LMI and support of EPIC BIP-Groupe for the R&D phase (> 1 m €).


• First operation for Carrefour & Nutella, soon followed by the first Add2Basket buttons in France for Nestlé.

• 38 active brands


• Ecommerce Awards Price – BFM “Awards”

• Integration of the first Buy Now for household appliances for Brandt - and for cosmetics for L'Oréal.

• 104 active brands


• Finalist for Publicis' elevator Pitch

• Launch of a global innovation: first 100% paperless vouchers for P&G, in association with Highco.

• 253 active brands


• Innovation to be continued... as long as we continue to facilitate trade between brands & their resellers!