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Clic2Buy for Partners

You would like to help your customers to create their own online shop or to improve their online performance but you meet the following obstacles:

  • the necessary budget is too high for your customer
  • the workload is too high for your customer

Think of Clic2Buy, your trusted partner. You can meet the needs of your clients with one single solution.

By associating these 2 solutions, you can create your own interactive games for your products containing your buy now button to increase conversion rates.

Clic2Buy has teamed up with the main players of the coupon to make it possible for the consumers to add their product to the basket and at the same time benefit from the dematerialized coupons. The amount of the coupon is thus deducted directly from the amount to be paid. This service is developed in conjunction with the offers from HighCo Box or Budget Box.

Clic2Buy also associated with Alkemics, a SaaS solution to manage and share product information between brands, retailers and their partners. This time the interest is to provide additional information to the consumer at the very moment when he chooses his retailer; information that can have a decisive role in decision making process: thanks to Clic2Buy the consumer knows where to buy, thanks to Alkemics he knows what exactly he buys.

The goal of most brands is not just to sell products. They also seek to provide a service to the consumer. What is better than giving the consumer the possibility to talk to a sales consultant when they really need one? With Clic2Buy and Slaask you offer your consumers an ultimate shopping experience. Show them where and how to purchase their products by integrating the chatbot solution in the Clic2Buy solution.

Create your own solutions 100% personalised

Agencies, IT services, consultants: your clients ask you to integrate a dynamic store locator easy to integrate and simple to maintain?

Assign this task to Clic2Buy and you will have:

  • a powerful solution, offering real added value to your customers
  • support, advice, KPIs and case studies to present to your customers
  • an easy integration:
  1. Key modules: responsive, customisable, international
  2. Or through documented APIs
  • detailed statistics via back office and/or monthly PDF reports
  • a manageable budget
  • an international solution
A flexible and adaptable solution

An additional service for your customers

Increased sales

Performance analysis

New and happy customers

One single interface

Integration in all media