Clic2Buy - tout savoir sur le pionnier du where to buy en France
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Pioneer and inventor of the omnichannel “where to buy” solution 5 years ago, Clic2Buy makes and sells its expertise to over 450 brands in Europe.


This digital solution allows brands to install a call to action “where to buy / buy the product” or “Add to basket” on all of their digital communication mediums (website, social media, videos, event-based digital campaigns).


By integrating the solution, brands display to their consumers the list of retailers who dispose of the product through delivery, click&collect or physical salespoint thanks to geolocalization.


Clic2Buy collaborates with more than 500 retailers around the world, allowing the solution to be as exhaustive as possible in terms of buying possibilities.

Highly experienced and unique on the market, Clic2Buy continues to develop new tools and innovative solutions.


Founded in 2013 by Guirec Tiberghien, Franck Ibled and Guillaume Fraybin, Clic2Buy is a French company whose headquarter is located in Euratechnologies in Lille, France.


European leader in the “Where to Buy”, Clic2Buy now has a team of 25 employees.


The company is known as being one of the most innovative firms in the digital sector, and it has received a large number of prices: E-Commerce price at the BFM Awards in 2015, Publicis Elevator Pitch finalist in 2016 and winner of the Pass French Tech in 2017.

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Retailer’s Days


Our ambition ? Bring together brands and retailers in a different context and allow them to exchange and have a better understanting of their common problems.

Building on the experience of this first edition, we tried it anew.

Nowadays and after 4 annuals, the Retailer’s Day has become the indispensable meeting of the actors of our ecosystem.